Izu's Ajiro Onsen “Isofune” is home to a “one-day hot spring” and a private source “Kakeshi no Yu” that changes in seven colors.

【Official】Ajiro Isofune Hotel

“Isofune” in Isofune, Ajiro, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture, is an inn with a private hot spring bath that flows in seven colors.
【Private outdoor bath with sea view】There is a private outdoor bath 6 that you can use as a day-trip hot spring.
【Ajiro Cafeteria】Please go to restaurants popular with sashimi set menu and seafood bowl.

Notice of closing days in June 2024

  • Notice of closing days in June 2024

    Thank you for your patronage to the "bath of Ajiro Isofune Hotel"Ajiro Isofune Hotel, "Ajiro Cafeteria", and "private view bath."We will be closed on the following dates in May 2024.Please contact us in advance as the business hours of the "Chartered Observation Bath" may change the day before the closed day.Closed days may be changed or added.
    June 4 (Tuesday), 5 (Wednesday), 12 (Wednesday), 18 (Tuesday), 19 (Wednesday), 25 (Tuesday), 26 (Tuesday)(Wednesday)※It's an answering machine.We apologize for the inconvenience, but please contact us again the next day.Also, please understand that it will take some time for inquiries by e-mail.


  • Banquet Hall

    You can use it not only for enjoyable trips but also for gatherings and legal matters.We will prepare according to the number of people and budget, so please do not hesitate to contact us.

    ※Please note that the banquet hall is currently unavailable due to renovations to other facilities.
  • karaoke

    Chara karaoke rooms are also available.
    Will not you show off your throat, everyone else?

  • In-hotel shop"Souvenir shop"

    Local child service manager recommended! How about sipping delicious dried fish outstandingly as a souvenir?
    We are also offering great deals, so please feel free to drop in.
    Besides dried fish, it is a souvenir shop where you can find delicious items of Izu.
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Google Map

Hotel Name

Ajiro Isofune Hotel


Ajiro, Atami City, Shizuoka Prefecture shaped Ajiro Mountain 627-506

Telephone number



7 minutes by car from JR Ajiro Station 

Pick-up presence (condition)
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Limited Offer! Recommended menu

  • Sea bream marinated in sesame soy sauce ¥1,850(tax included)

  • Lean meat and green onion tuna two-color bowl ¥ 1,850(tax included)

To our guests

  • Change of pick-up time

    Thank you for using Ajiro Cafeteria, Ajiro Isofune Hotel, and Ajiro Isofune Hotel.
    The pick-up time for guests arriving by train to Ajiro Station is as follows.
    ① 14: 00
    ②15: 21
    ③ It is 16:15.
    Please make a reservation and use it.
    ※Please note that you cannot wait at the station if you do not have a reservation.For other times please use public transport.We appreciate your inconvenience but we appreciate your understanding.Manager

【Limited to Weekdays】One-day hot spring plan

  • It is limited on weekdays.

    It is "day trip hot spring plan" only on weekdays.You can use the room for up to 5 hours between 10:30 and 15:30.Please take a private observation bath and relax in your room.

    ※There is no bath in rooms.Please understand that you cannot use the large bath.
  • Details of the plan

    ●Day trip plan・ ・ ・5,500 yen per person(tax included)

    【Room】Japanese-style room 23 square meters, TV,Air condition,With air purifier

    【Amenities】Yukata,Bashi towel,Towel,Shaver,Hair brush

    【Bath】You can use the "chartered observation bath" on the 2nd floor of the Ajiro Cafeteria.You can take a bath for 1 hour.

  • Reservation and remarks

    【Reserve】Please make a reservation by phone directly by 15:00 two days before use.We do not accept reservations by e-mail.(Reserve·Inquiry time 10:00 to 15:00)

    【Notes】Futons are not available.We do not allow food and drinks to be brought into the room.We do not transfer.

Reserve·Contact us

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.