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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is it possible to make a day trip?

    One-day hot springs are only available on the 2nd floor of “Ajiro Cafeteria”.
    One time use · 60 minutes for 2 people, 2,700 yen, for 4 to 5Continue reading
  • Is there a private bath? Is it necessary to make a reservation?

    Chukkyou Observatory Outdoor bath is complete reservation system (60 minutes for 1 time, 2,700 yen for 2 people, 4 to 5 people, 3,780 yen).CContinue reading
  • Which is the place of meals?

    Both dinner and breakfast will be prepared at the restaurant “Ajiro Cafeteria”.
  • Can I use a credit card?

    The hotel is only handled with cash.The cash service corner is located at “7-Eleven”, a 3-minute walk from the hotel.
  • Please tell me the time for dinner / breakfast

    Dinner will start at 18:00 and it will be a banquet until 20:00.For breakfast, please come to the restaurant “Ajiro Cafeteria” between 8:00 Continue reading
  • Please tell me the hours of the public bath.

    The large public bathroom is located on the 2nd floor elevator hall on the 2nd floor of the hotel building. It is connected to the "large puContinue reading
  • Is there a shuttle?

    Since we will pick you up from Ajiro Station to the hotel, please make a reservation from the following time. ① 14: 00 2 15: 20 3 16: 20(PosContinue reading
  • Please let me know the time of check-in / check-out

    Check in is from 2 PM and check out time is 10 AM.
  • Is there a room with open-air bath?

    There is no room with outdoor bath.Although it will be charged, you can use the outdoor bath for private use.Check in ~ 18: 00 (Final receptContinue reading
  • Is there a toilet in the room?

    All rooms have a shower-toilet.
  • Please tell me the quality and efficacy of hot springs

    The hot spring of the hotel is a spa with color, spring quality is a calcium · sodium chloride hot spring and it is unusual in Izu.It is alsContinue reading
  • Is there a parking lot?

    From Atami direction of coming, from 6 to 700 email the tunnel after the passing of two missing that's fishmonger was dried of Ajiro are arrContinue reading
  • Is there a convenience store near the hotel?

    If you go to the right (in the direction of Ito) on the road in front of the hotel, you will find “7-Eleven” about 3 minutes on foot.

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