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  • Information on Ajiro Cafeteria

    Ajiro Cafeteria seafood restaurant with Hatsushima Island the left and Oshima on the right.
    It is a dining hall of a port town where you can enjoy seafood with passion chosen by local eyes, with a great menu menu.
    Inside the spacious store, in addition to a seating with a good view, we prepared a relaxing small raising seat.
    In addition to seafood-based set meals, we also offer a variety of menus such as soba noodles and udon noodles.
    Please drop in at “Ajiro Cafeteria” where you can find the deliciousness you want to eat.
    ※Credit cards cannot be used at this facility.Please understand
    ※For groups of 10 or more, you can reserve seats if you book in advance.TEL:0557(67)1515
    • Mt. Fuji salmon & salmon roe bowl
      1,700 yen
    • Ajiro Cafeteria information

  • Ajiro Cafeteria's popular menu

    • Squid bowl
      A little favorite gem "Soupu" is also recommended.
      Shiny pika If you squeeze eggs and special sauce to an outstanding fresh squid, you will find the taste of the best!
      The squid's sweetness and umami are sure to stop chopsticks from stopping.
      • Recommended gem

        1,700 yen(tax included)
    • Today's grilled fish
      Board length It is a set meal to enjoy the recommended grilled fish.
      Please feel free to ask the staff for grilled fish for that day.
      • One day's menu example, Kimme sea bream's miso pickles

        1,480 yen(tax included)
    • Today's sashimi
      "Sashimi set meal" whose contents change everyday by purchase of that day is also very popular!
      Four kinds of big sashimi are served.
      I would like to recommend to everyone who loves sashimi, our restaurant menu
      • Our popular menu

        Single item 1,500 yen (tax included) Set meal 1,830 yen(tax included)
    • Limited amount 丼! Sea bream with sesame oil
      It is pickled rice with chief chef special sesame soy sauce.

      1,800 yen(tax included)
    • Specially made, Two kinds of squid fly
      Set meal ¥ 1,730(tax included)
      Single item ¥ 1,400(tax included)

  • Set a popular taste a bit and luxuriously!

    • Tempura sashimi set meal
      Platter with freshly fried crispy tempura and seasonal sashimi and tempura platter
      • Friedly crunchy

        2,800 yen(tax included)
    • Ajiro set meal
      Izu specialty! Boiled sweet potato-boiled kimme Sea bream quince sea bream and boiled seasonal sashimi, vegetable pickles · dessert
      • Izu specialty!

        3,000 yen(tax included)
    • Petite luxury course
      A Little Bit Luxurious!
      Monopolize 3 flavors Seasonal 4 kinds of sashimi, boiled sea bream, squid
      • A Little Bit Luxurious!

        3,850 yen(tax included)
    • Limited number, red meat and green onion, tuna 2 colors
      1,750 yen(tax included)
  • Other menu

    We have a wide variety of soba, udon, rice bowls, set meals, and single dishes.
    • deep-fried horse mackerel
    • Gold grated grated sauce
    • Tenzuru Soba, Udon, Inaniwa
      From 1,700 yen(tax included)
    • Shrimp tempura soba, udon
      1,200 yen(tax included)
    • Zaru-soba / udon
      770 yen(tax included)
    • Bowl of rice and fried fish
      ¥ 1,400(tax included)
    • Pork cutlet on rice
      1,200 yen(tax included)
    • Rice bowl with steak
      1,480 yen(tax included)
    • Wake up
      2,900 yen(tax included)
    • Horse mackerel
      1,200 yen(tax included) 
    • Boiled fish
      1,750 yen(tax included)
    • Tempura platter
      1,430 yen(tax included)
    • Seafood curry
      ¥ 1,400(tax included)
    • Ginger
      850 yen(tax included)
    • 【Dish dish】
      We also have one-of-a-kind dishes such as fried squid, fried small sardines overnight, squid menchi, oil-steamed tuna salad, and seafood salad.
    • Ajiro Cafeteria

      Business hours
      10:00 to 21:00(20:30 order stop)
      ※Ends as soon as there are no fresh fish
      With the Shizuoka Prefecture State of Emergency Declaration, we will be open until 17:00 until September 30th.In addition, we have refrained from serving alcoholic beverages throughout the day, but we will resume serving alcoholic beverages from October 1st due to the cancellation of the emergency declaration.In addition, depending on the situation, we may stop providing it again.Thank you for your understanding.
       Regarding business hours, we will continue to operate until around 17:00 for a while.
      100 seats
      All seats will be non-smoking.Groups please inquire in advance.Please understand that due to the measures against the new coronavirus infectious disease, 5 or more customers will be guided away from their seats.